Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nursery Bedding

So I finally narrowed it down and ordered the nursery bedding. I found an amazing deal on ebay. I have a feeling ebay and I are going to become best friends here in the near future :)

Sonogram #2

So Baby Martinez is growing just wonderfully. She is now 10 oz. The sonographer said she is a very active little baby, but I still don't feel her all the time. I can't wait until I constantly feel her kicking and moving about. We got 5 cute little pictures of her for her scrapbook! It is just amazing how big she has gotten and how much more she will grow in 4 months!!! It really blows my mind the little miracle that is inside me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

2nd greatest thing in the world!

Last night as I was laying in bed winding down from the day, I felt something in my stomach. I figured it was just gas as usual, but this time it wasn't! Then it came a second time and a third. This little girl was on the move, and of course when I am trying to go to sleep! Figures, right! ha-ha. I didn't care though, it was the greatest feeling in the world to finally feel her in there moving around. I layed there very still for abotu 10 more minutes waiting for some more movement, but nothing. I guess she was just getting herself positioned for bed the same way I do....by thrashing around until I am comfortable! Ohhhhh I can't wait to feel it again. I wanted to stay home from work all day today so I could just lay there and hope to feel something.