Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pictures Pictures Pictures!

At 9 weeks (almost 10) I took you to have your pictures taken. I had no idea how it would turn out and how you would act. However, since we had your reflux under control you were absolutely wonderful! You just laid there and let the photographer move you around, turn your head, flip you over, dress you up, and you never made a peep. You did however decide to pee on me while trying to position you once. It was such a surprise! The pictures turned out just absolutely beautiful, I couldn't have asked for a better day to have chosen to take you. Yet again, I think you just love having your pictures taken anyway.

Just look at those blue eyes! They are mezmerizing!

You look like the Anne Geddes pictures. Just flawless!

Easter Sunday

Nana and Papa Ashley bought you the cutest Easter Dress for Sunday. You didn't mind the fluff and poof at all. In fact I think you knew just how cute you looked!

8 weeks

After 8 weeks of you screaming and crying all the time and not knowing what was causing it, we finally figured it out. You would just cry constantly and claw and fight me when I would try to console you. It just seemed like you were in so much pain and we couldn't do anything to help you. The pediatrician had us change your formula like 5 times. I was running on fumes and took you to Wichita Falls for the weekend. That is when Crystal Johnson and I were talking and she told me Savannah had done the exact same thing and it was all because of reflux! So we took you to the Dr. once again and got you on some medicine and low and behold the miracle worked! You were like a different baby within 3 days. You slept through the nights (6 hrs) you weren't crying anymore, you were starting to smile a lot and coo and try to mimic us saying "Oh" and "ah". Oh I felt just horrible that it took us 8 weeks to figure out something so simple. But you NEVER spit up so it was the last thing anyone thought it would be.

Miss Sassy pants

You already love dressing up and love having your picture taken. But, who can blame you, you are too cute! I love getting you all dolled up.

1st Wedding Anniversary

You started taking your naps in your crib in your own nursery, finally a big girl!

Daddy let me sleep all night to catch up on some much needed rest. When I woke up I found you both sleeping on the couch. How sweet.

Your dad took me to Ruth's Chris Steak house, my favorite steak house, for our 1st Anniversary. We left you for the first time with someone other than family for 2 hours. We had a great time and came home and even took a bite of the top of our acutal wedding cake. I cant say that it freezes too well for a year! But it was worth it.


Your second cousin Juaquin is just one month older than you and already 12 lbs heavier, a lot plumper, and a lot tanner! Man does he make you look white. You defintely took after you momma!

Your daddy and his Cousin Carlos Vargas holding Juaquin.

5 weeks old already.

You are starting to gain weight and showing a little plumpness in your face finally. Ohhh look how cute you are becoming. The newborn look is starting to fade already.

At five weeks you made your first trip to the Stonebriar mall in Frisco to go shoppign with mommy and Carrie. You did so good and pretty much slept the entire time! What more could a mom ask for but to shop in peace :)
At one month old you still like your baths and love diaper time with no clothes! haha