Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New adventures

So as of this pas Father's Day weekend, you are now rolling. Not just rolling over from your tummy to your back, but you will go from your back to your tummy and then keep rolling. I love it. I think you love it even more, because you have realized you are now mobile! You totally roll off your play mat and then get mad because you can't see yourself in the mirror anymore! ha-ha! It is so cute.
You have also started laughing. Not just your little breathing in kind of noise that showed us you were happy and enjoying what we were doing. I mean you actually laugh at us. Especially Micky Mouse Club House cartoon. You love that show. Any other cartoon can be on and you might stare at the TV for a little bit. But when Micky Mouse Clubhouse comes on, it has your full undivided attention and you will LAUGH at it. You also laugh at daddy or I when we play with you. I love it, you have the cuteset laugh ever!
You are starting to outgrow some of your 0-3 month onesies and nighties. Your feet are getting to big for the footie spots and the length is too short when you stretch out. I think I have just been holding on to you being little and not wanting you to get big. So I had to go get you some 3-6 month nighties so you can sleep comfortably. (tear) You are becoming such a big baby now! Eating rice cereal, rolling over and over, laughing....I mean what is next sitting up! Oh you are such an adventure.

Monday, June 21, 2010

4 month check up

So you did great at your 4 month check up. You definitely didn't like your vaccinations and took them a lot worse than at the 2 month check up. It broke my heart, but I know it needs to be done. I loved getting to spend the first half of a Friday with you and not rushing off to work. You have grown to 24 inches (50%) and all the way up to 13 lbs (50%). We are getting to start single grain rice cereal now to try and get you ready for baby food and learn to swallow. I can't wait to see your reaction.

Father's Day

So for our first Father's Day you stayed awake ALL DAY! There were no naps, no sleeping nothing. For the entire weekend that is. Sat you only had a 1 hr nap from 9-10 in the morning. So I thought we were in for it on Father's Day. However, you were still your smiling little self. Daddy says it's because you know that the weekend is the only time you get to spend ALL day with us so you want to stay awake for every minute! I guess he is right because you did this all weekend and didn't seem to mind. We kept trying to put you down for a nap after your bottles, but you would wake up after about 10 minutes of sleeping ready to play! Amazing I know! For Father's Day I had a shirt made for you to wear just for Daddy. He loved it along with all his other gifts! You were the sweetest baby this weekend (just like all the others). We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

4 months old

You are now 4 months old and growing so fast. Every day there is something new. Maybe a new face, sound, or movement. You have started grabbing your feet. You haven't seen them yet, but you are able to grab and hold on to them. You are still the best morning baby I have ever seen. You will sleep in if we let you. Sometimes 8 sometime 9am! We love it! During the week we have to wake you up to get ready to go to daycare with Irene. I hate having to do this, but you still wake up with a smile and laugh for me. Ohhh I love you so much!

All smiles

You have started smiling all the time now. Not just when something is funny or surprises you or when you have gas...but you smile just when we meet eyes! I love it. It is the most precious thing ever. I can only imagine what it is going to be like when you start talking (really talking).

This was your first trip down to see your Nana in Houston. You did so good on the drive. It's as if you didn't mind at all. We played Beauty and the Beast in the DVD player, but you didn't have much interest in it. You wanted to look and me and buzz, spit, and coo most of the time. After about 2 hours you fell asleep for almost the rest of the way. You woke up after about 4 hrs of driving and we had to stop to change and feed you. We had the best time with Roberto's family and you really seemed to have enjoyed yourself. Now, the trip home was a different story. You did not want to be in that car seat after the first hour. But after 6.5 hours and a couple of stops for you we made it home. All in all a good trip.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ohhh you are growing up so fast!

So when we came home from Nana and Papa's on Memorial Day weekend I sat you down for some tummy time since you were getting cranky. That always seems to put you in a good mood. This time, you just picked your head right up and looked around. Not just for a second either. You picked it up high and just kept looking around and watching everything as though life looked different from that angle. We have it on video and all kinds of pictures. We were so excited and proud! Not to mention a little confused on how you just starting doing it so well!

Swim Time!

So we took you swimming at Cade's 7th birthday party on May 30th. You really seemed to enjoy it. As long as you were close to me you were happy. Not one cry the entire time. Not to mention every one just LOVED your swim suit and hat! We had to block that sun from your pretty face (even though we swam in the shade).

My how you have grown

So here you are in your car seat at 4 months old! You finally fit!

This is at 8 weeks old. Not too bad.

This was on the way home from the hospital. Man you were lost in there!

Nap Nanny

Here you are at 4 months now still sitting in your nap nanny. This thing was our saving grace when you had your reflux. You were supposed to stay elevated and not lay down flat to keep the reflux under control. Well do you know how hard it is to keep a baby happy sitting up all the time. Until we found this! It was awesome and you loved it. You slept for 7 hours straight (at eight weeks) the first night we had it. You had just worn yourself out crying all the time. I felt terrible! Now at 4 months you are starting to get a little big for it, but you still like it. You throw your legs over the side and just chill.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Roll Over!!!

Last night Roberto was video recording Miss J because she is just too cute and started buzzing now. Well as he is recording I hear him getting excited and start yelling. I run in the living room to see her ROLL OVER! For the very first time, all by herself!I I couldn't believe it, and the fact that we got it on video too! Ohh we were so excited, you would have thought we just won the lottery! I will post the video once I upload it to the computer, I just didn't want to forget the date. 6/1/2010 was Jaelyn's first roll over. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

You love your mom (as your onesie says). For mother's Day you got me an amazing camcorder so we will remember these precious moments forever. I can't wait until you are old enough to watch yourself when you were so little. I am so excited to start using it.

Bed Time!

Every night you have your last bottle between 9 and 10 and fall asleep in my arms as I get to rock you. This is by far my most FAVORITE time of the day!!!

You still don't like sleeping on your back. I think you lasted for maybe 2 minutes like this. Then woke up and I had to turn you over to your tummy. You just love your tummy and sleep so good on it.

Me and Mom!

A picture of me and you when you are a little over 3 months. You love getting all dressed up with no where to go!

Thank you God for our soldiers that fight for my freedom! Memorial Day 2010

You had your first Memorial Day. You were almost 4 months old. I got you all dressed up in Red White and Blue and you just folded your hands up. It was so adorable, as though you were praying yourself thanking God for all our wonderful soldiers out there fighting for our freedom!

Your first party!

I think this is just one of the sweetest pictures ever! We attened your first birthday party for one of my friends baby's 1st birthday. You slept through most of it, noise and all.

Finally awake to enjoy all the excitement! Everyone just loved you (and your outfit!)


You have now discovered the TV and actually laugh at it. In the mornings while we are getting ready for work you will just sit and laugh at all the cartoons. It doesn't matter which ones, but I think so far you like Micky Mouse Clubhouse the best!

Summer Time 2010

Summer time is officially here! We went shopping at got you a bunch of new summer time clothes!!!
Of course daddy has to have you in a LSU onesie! Next will be the Yankees onesie and then when football season rolls around I am sure you will be in a Saints outfit! Sorry, I don't get a say in the matter :)
Here you were about 9 weeks old and we went shopping, of course. You reallyl do like to shop. You just look and stare at all the pretty things going by.

Just a random picture at 10 weeks old. You are starting to get some baby fat on you finally. Look at that belly!

Lola & Lucy

Lola and Lucy just love you. They love to lick your feet! Of course they would kiss your sweet face, but we won't let them...YUCK! Lucy loves to sit in my lap and stare at you as I play and talk to you. You are pretty amazed by them right now as well.