Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Uncle Jorge came to visit you.

You love your Uncle Jorge Negron! He can rock you to sleep so fast, make you smile and laugh like no one else. It was so cute. You would smile at him with the biggest "cheese" face ever. We haven't seen it since he left. We try everyday, but no luck. ha-ha Come back Uncle Jorge!

And we are back in the hospital again

Yep...not even a month after your visit to Children's, we are back in the hospital with the same stuff. UGH, you poor baby! This time it seems like you were so much more miserable. You cried much more, but yet recovered faster and we were only in there for 2 days this time. You are 9 1/2 months and it was the weekend before Thanksgiving. So I just went ahead and stayed home with you the rest of the week so you could really revocer this time in your own home....and will LOTS of love of course.

More random cute pictures....

Because yes, you are that cute! There is never a bad picture1

Queen Bee

For your first Halloween, you were a queen bee. You were the cutest trick 'r' treater out there! YES, we took you trick or treating! You loved it. Of course, 1. you LOVE other kids and 2. you love being outside...so this was right up your alley! And YES we dressed up with you. I mean what fun would it be if we didn't!

Random pics, too cute not to post

Picnic Dinners

You LOVE being outside. So we usually (when the weather is nice) eat your dinner outside while you laugh at the dogs playing.