Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here we are at 10 days old. She just loved getting dressed up for no reason and no where to go! haha We still aren't leaving the house yet, so why not have a little fun inside! Isn't she just a doll!

Look at those big blue eyes!

Ahhhh I look good in pink and brown! Or any color for that matter!

Just waiting for the photo shoot to get started!
My mom took such great care of us the first week we were home. She took Lola and Lucy for their walks, which they appreciated very much! She did all our laundry, cooked home cooked meals, helped me take care of Jaelyn and we loved every minute of it. We can't wait for her to come back!

Just thinking.....
I wonder what she is thinking! Probably about how much she loves her mom and dad!

Ohhh it's a hard life.

Tummy time with daddy!

Miss Jaelyn has already learned how to say her prayers!
She is so thankful!
Our first outing to our Pediatritians appt. Healthy as can be!

Getting ready to leave the hospital to finally head home. Can't wait to meet Lola and Lucy!

We had a big snow storm hit while we were in the hospital. What a beautiful surprise to come home to!

Daddy and me getting all set up to ride in the car for the first time. I look so small but I am a big 6lbs 1 oz by the time I left the hospital!

Me in my big car seat!

Miss Jaelyn's BIG Debut!

So on February 10, 2010 at 1:00am my water broke as I was letting out one of our dogs to potty. Not being ready to go to the hospital since little Jaelyn decided to come 12 days early, we scrambled around the house trying to figure out what all we needed to take with us. We arrived at Baylor of Frisco by 2:15am and the contractions had started. Epidural by 3:15 am and pushing began by 5:30am. At 6:37 am Miss Jaelyn Ashley Martinez makes her big debut! She was a whopping 6lbs 10oz. 19 1/4 inches long! She was absolutely perfect. The labor was a breeze. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

I just can't express the joy and love I had when I got to finally hold her! I am so glad she came early, I could hardly wait any longer!

Daddy getting to hold her after she put her foot prints on his chest and he got to cut her umbilical cord. He was over joyed with his new daughter!

Our little angel just minutes old.

Mommy and Jaelyn.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Shower #3 (work)

Today my co workers threw me a baby shower. It was great! We got lots of wonderful stuff I can't wait to take home and get all set out and ready for Jaelyn! Everyone was so sweet and we played fun games, even though some of us were die hard players! haha it was fun!

The cake from Celebrity Bakery was so good! I think I gained yet another 5 lbs this week! Ugh! It's going to be tough losing this baby weight. This picture makes me think I just had work done on my teeth and my mouth is still swollen! haha Oh well, I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancy! I guess it shows. Just trying to make a healthy baby! :)

Lots of great gifts!

The too cute cake!

Unwrapping all the good things we needed. Jaelyn is going to be well dressed and spoiled rotten!