Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Shower in Wichita Falls.

Jackie, Crystal, me, Julie, and Jodi. Jody Camp had just left and missed the pic :(

Me and Monica....9 months pregnant and counting down the days.

Me and Crystal next to the too cute diaper cake she made herself. I got like 150 diapers out of that thing!!!! YAH!

A clothes line showing off just some of the ADORABLE things she got from everyone.

Me unwrapping the great gifts!

An antique stroller full of pink roses by Julie!

The yummy cake that I probably gained another 5 lbs from eating so much! Mmmmmmm it was too good!

On January 23, 2010 Monica, Crystal, Julie, and mom threw me a beautiful baby shower in Wichita Falls. We had a great turn out and got so many wonderful gifts. I had no idea a baby needs so much! I also got lots of great advice (written down so I won't forget). I have some of the BEST friends and family ever. They did a wonderful job and made me feel so good. I can't wait to dress Jaelyn up in all the cute clothes, bows, booties, etc. I will have to be a good blogger and keep up with my posts after she gets here so everyone can see all the wonderful things she has gotten. This girl is already so spoiled rotten!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dallas Baby Shower

The cute invitation!
The table set up. It turned out so cute with all the colors!

The adorable stroller shaped cake. It was so good. This is when I gained 4lbs in 2 weeks! I wonder why.....they left the leftovers at my house!

Carrie, Me, Laura, and Jennifer. My wonderful hosts.

I had a beautiful shower with my Dallas friends on January 17, 2010. We had it at our house so I could show off the amazing nursery to everyone. I am so proud of Roberto's handy work. The shower was so fun, we played fun games, ate great food, and I unwrapped lots of great gifts! I can't wait to get to use everything. The cake was so cute, I hardly wanted to cut into it! I have great friends and can't wait for all of them to get to meet little Jaelyn.

The nursery....ready and waiting!

After a lot of hard work and learning, Roberto has finnished the nursery. It looks absolutely amazing, and just as I had it in my mind. I couldn't ask for a better husband. He has been so helpful during the pregnancy. He did the nursery all by himself, with my decorating tips of course :), he gives me massages when I need them, and he is so patient with me. I can't wait for Jaelyn to meet her wonderful dad! He is going to be amazing I know it. I think the nursery is beautiful and she will love all the bright colors and things going on in there. It is going to be her little place! I am just so excited. It makes waiting for her arrival even harder now that I can sit and look at this all day every day!

28 weeks and we're over half way there!

So we are now 28 weeks. Over half way there. I must admit it has been a very easy pregnancy. No complications, not one day of sickness, nothing. I feel great and sometimes even forget I am even pregnant. I am definitely showing now, as you can see. She is kicking and moving around all the time now. I love feeling her and knowing she is active and healthy in there. I am very blessed and lucky that my first pregnancy is going this easy. I just hope it will stay this way for the entire pregnancy and we deliver a healthy happy little girl!

Nursery In Progress

So now that we know it's a girl, the decorating can begin. The first thing I picked out of course was the crib bedding. Everything is being coordinated with it and it's colors because I just fell in love with it. My sister gave me some great idea of how to have the bright fuschia pink and it not be too overwhelming by having the white bead board on the bottom to offset it a little. So I went and picked out the colors and Roberto got started! Let me tell you, he was quite the handy man and learned A LOT while making this nursery special for Jaelyn. I just know it's going to fit her personality perfectly!

18 weeks and counting

So, here is a picture of the belly at 18 weeks. Only 4 1/2 months along and you can see her starting to grow. This is about right when we found out it was a girl too! It made the belly that much more meaningful just knowing a little bit more about it. It's the greatest feeling in the world. Still no sickness or anything. So far a very easy pregnancy!