Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dallas Baby Shower

The cute invitation!
The table set up. It turned out so cute with all the colors!

The adorable stroller shaped cake. It was so good. This is when I gained 4lbs in 2 weeks! I wonder why.....they left the leftovers at my house!

Carrie, Me, Laura, and Jennifer. My wonderful hosts.

I had a beautiful shower with my Dallas friends on January 17, 2010. We had it at our house so I could show off the amazing nursery to everyone. I am so proud of Roberto's handy work. The shower was so fun, we played fun games, ate great food, and I unwrapped lots of great gifts! I can't wait to get to use everything. The cake was so cute, I hardly wanted to cut into it! I have great friends and can't wait for all of them to get to meet little Jaelyn.


  1. CUTE CAKE! Do you know who made that cake?

  2. It is actually a friend of one of my hostess's. She lives here in McKinney and I know her name is Amber. I can get her information if you need me to. She just makes them out of her home. It was the moistest cake I had ever had!


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