Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Catch Up!

Ok so I have been so bad about blogging. I forgot all about it....or more less you keep us quite busy. It is now November and you are 9 months old and MY how much you have changed! You started doing the army crawl at 6 1/2 months old. My grandpa says you are advanced and will be walking by 10 months. I can't even imagine! You have really become vocal by 7 months and started really taking off crawling. You are FAST! You chase after Lola and Lucy all the time to pull on their ears and crawl all over them. Lola doesn't mind at all, now Lucy runs from you! ha-ha it is the cutest thing ever! You LOVE yourself in the mirror! You will play forever in our full length mirror. You sat up completely by yourself at 8 months. You are also saying mamamama as well. :) I like to just stop you after ma-ma, but you keep going. You are shaking your head no, and mimick grunts, laugher, and clicking your tongue. You are just the cutest baby there has ever been. Not to mention the easiest! God truly blessed us when he sent you to us. We just can't figure out what we did before you and how it had any relevance! You are the easiest baby, the best sleeper. We have never had to stay up late with you at night rocking you trying to get you to go to sleep. You have always just gone to bed on your own. We can set you in your crib wide awake with your blankie, and you just go right to sleep. You LOVE your pink blankie. It can put you to sleep anywhere at any time. It is the sweetest thing. You go to sleep everyday at 7 pm on the spot. If you aren't in your crib you let us know you are tired and we just go lay you down. You have been sleeping through the night since you were 4 months old. I mean we couldn't ask for a better baby! You love to shop with me, go to dinner with me and my girlfriends. You slept through my Bunco party and all our yelling and excitement. You have spoiled us.
All until 8 1/2 months old. We had the worst scare ever. You were fussy one night, which was unusual,but we figured it was just teething because you hadn't had any break through yet. At 4 am I finally tried to rock you to sleep. You were cold and clammy and breahting sooooo hard. I woke your dad up to tell him we were going to the ER. Before we left we googled all the things it could possibly be to see if we were overreacting. Everything said you had croup, so we walked you around the cool outside tried to feed you, but nothing worked. At 6 we were on our way to the ER. You finally fell asleep in the car. So we went back home. When you woke up I still didn't like how hard you were breathing. So we went to the Dr. office. They gave you 2 steroid breathing treatments but they didn't work. We had to take you to Children's Hospital. When we got there, they put you on oxygen, IV for fluids because you were dehydrated and more breathing treatments. By this time it was 11 am. You were exhausted. You weren't even putting up a fight with the nurses because you hadn't slept, you had been crying all night, and all the energy it took you just to breathe. We spent the next 2 1/2 days in the hospital with you on oxygen and being monitored. Turns out you had RSV, and rhinovirus. Basically a bad cold that ended up settling in your chest and was restricting your breathing. Your dad and I took turns staying home with you the rest of the week. I have to admit, I hated it and was scared but loved getting to be with you 24 hrs a day for 4 days straight. I wish I could do that more often. While we were in the hospital you had your 2 top front teeth break through too. Talk about a big weekend. Poor baby!!!!
So now you are 9 months old and all over the place, back to your happy smiling healthy self! We look forward to our family time weekends so much. They seem to go by faster than ever!

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