Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 weeks

After 8 weeks of you screaming and crying all the time and not knowing what was causing it, we finally figured it out. You would just cry constantly and claw and fight me when I would try to console you. It just seemed like you were in so much pain and we couldn't do anything to help you. The pediatrician had us change your formula like 5 times. I was running on fumes and took you to Wichita Falls for the weekend. That is when Crystal Johnson and I were talking and she told me Savannah had done the exact same thing and it was all because of reflux! So we took you to the Dr. once again and got you on some medicine and low and behold the miracle worked! You were like a different baby within 3 days. You slept through the nights (6 hrs) you weren't crying anymore, you were starting to smile a lot and coo and try to mimic us saying "Oh" and "ah". Oh I felt just horrible that it took us 8 weeks to figure out something so simple. But you NEVER spit up so it was the last thing anyone thought it would be.

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